Bradford Equity Partnership
The Equity Partnership supports Bradford’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities in a variety of ways.

centred is a community organisation run by diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people. Our work focuses on diverse LGBTQ experiences, especially where these issues intersect with experiences concerning race, gender, disability, deafness, age and minority faith.

Club Mellow LGBT Asylum Group at ELOP
Club Mellow LGBT Asylum Group at ELOP is a monthly social & peer support meeting space for lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans people seeking asylum in the UK. The group offers a safe, non-judgmental space to meet new people, share experiences, discuss issues and gain support from others in a similar situation as you. We meet on the second Thursday of each month at ELOP Centre, 56-60 Grove Road, London E17. For further information please call 020 8509 3898 or email

Equality Network
The Equality Network works for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality and human rights in Scotland. We strive to be inclusive and open in our work, to challenge discrimination and to consult, involve and inform the individuals and the communities for which we work.

FTM London
FTM London started in 1997 as a peer support group for female to male transgender or transsexual people.

Gay in the UK
Gay In The UK is a voluntary Social / Support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people going through or having experience of the Asylum or Immigration system, or who are Refugees in Britain.

Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam. It provides a safe space and support network to address issues of common concern through sharing individual experiences and institutional resources.

Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group
Friendship and support for Jewish gays, lesbians, bisexuals and their partners.

Keshet Manchester
Keshet Manchester is a social group based in Manchester (UK) for LGBTIQ individuals identifying themselves as Jewish.

Kiss Group
KISS is a social group made up of women who identify either as lesbian, bisexual or queer and are of South Asian or Middle Eastern or North African descent.

Lesbian and Gay Coalition Against Racism
Exists to create a visible anti-racist voice of lesbians and gay men, and to help forge the unity needed to defeat racism, homophobia and bigotry.

Lesbian Asylum Project at the Lesbian Community Project
Please tel: 0161 273 7128 (office hours) for more information.

Lesbian Immigration Support Group
The Lesbian Immigration Support Group is a Manchester, UK, based group of lesbian and bisexual refugees and asylum seeking women and their supporters.  We offer practical and social support (in Greater Manchester and beyond).

LYC London
Social, support and sports group for gay Oriental guys in London.

Manchester Lesbian and Gay Foundation
The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) is a vibrant charity with a wide portfolio of well-established services and a rapidly developing range of new initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Manchester LGBT Asylum Group
Supporting all LGBTs seeking asylum or who have been refused asylum in the UK. Call 07816 992 218 or email the group.

NAZ Project
NPL is the longest established and largest BME charity in London addressing the sexual health and HIV/AIDS needs of its communities.

Outburst UK
Black LGBT Arts and Culture Organisation
Outburst UK is a national charitable organization that focuses on culture, education, performances, and festivals.

Persian Gay and Lesbian Liberators
Providing advise and support for Persian speaker LGBT Asylumseeker.

rukus! Federation
rukus! Federation is known for its long-standing and successful programme of community-based work with Black Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual, Trans artists, activists and cultural producers nationally and internationally.

Safra Project
The Safra Project is a resource project working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally (Muslim LBT women).

Somali Gay Community
Somali Gay Community was established in 2005 by a small group of Somalian guys who, apart from sharing the same culture and background, acknowledge the fact that we are homosexuals living in the UK. The aim of starting this group is to create a space and medium for somalian gay and lesbians to access information, share experiences and develop support networks.

Stonewall Housing
Stonewall Housing is the specialist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) housing advice and support provider in England.

UK Black Pride
UK Black Pride, (UKBP) is organisation created to promote unity among Black people of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American desent who identify as Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual & Transgender.

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group
The UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) is a charity that promotes equality and dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people who seek asylum in the UK, or who wish to immigrate here to be with their same-sex partner.

UNITY LGBT Group at Unity Centre Glasgow
LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi and Trans) asylum seekers are often isolated from the religious and ethnic support networks that other asylum seekers normally depend upon in the UK. At UNITY we’ve had a number of people coming to us looking for help with asylum claims based on their sexuality. Sometimes it has not been possible to help people in the center in a truly confidential manner due to the many different people in the center at the same time. We have therefore started a special support group for LGBT persons.

Wise Thoughts
Established in 1999, Wise Thoughts creates dynamic arts initiatives such as GFEST– GaywiseFESTival, and delivers services to help address social justice issues and needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) and Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.


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